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Anne’s Story

March 18, 2021

The KonMari Method is anchored on the premise that tidying is a once-in-a-lifetime event that reveals our inner compass for joy. The REVEAL Method, in turn, teaches you how to manage your home as a system optimized to serve you now. It is informed by principles of learning science so you can readily assimilate lessons, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) so you can practice what you learn right away, and operations management science so you can continuously eliminate wasted time, energy, and effort from your daily life.

Though they cannot always verbalize it this way, most of REVEAL’s clients are looking to troubleshoot and rewire their homes for performance. They seek order, calm, beauty, and authentic connection with their spaces, sure, but more importantly, they seek solutions that conserve day-to-day effort, money, and time. Each client brings to REVEAL unique pain points, goals, and solutions.

Here is Anne’s story.

R: What made you reach out?

A: My closet spilled into my room and it was such a stressful way to start/end the day. After turning 40, I’ve been evaluating what I need to change.

Annes story 01
Annes story 01

R: What was most important to you at the time?

A: I wanted to be more focused on the kids and not on the stuff I need to organize. Ideally, I’d [also] be able to get back to my creative side, writing, painting and back to my active side which has been dormant for years.

R: What insights did you gain about yourself?

A: I learned that I have a personal style. I tend to buy the same kinds of things over and over and at first I thought that was amusing – oh, here we go, another top with a sash, flowing ruffles, structured sleeve, or here is another floral, pink, or patterned top – but then I saw how it reflects my taste. A lot of the things I let go didn’t fit this “signature” look and a lot I had bought online and just wasn’t flattering. I stopped buying stuff online, but I can see what I WOULD have bought prior to Ren’s help.

Annes story 02
Annes story 02

R: What insights did you gain about your home and belongings?

A: Wow, I cannot believe this! I let go of so much and yet I feel like I didn’t lose anything!

R: What was the best part of the process?

A: Reveal has so many layers to it. On the obvious level you have a big reveal of an “after” but there are also many things that are uncovered like the impact on the rest of your life, mental and emotional wellbeing, and insight into yourself.

I like that Ren is not “just do this and organize that.” She makes an effort to understand the person (even though we already knew each other) and also she calmly watches while also making very accurate observations afterward, which are like “whoa, she’s right!”

Ren’s patience, professionalism and ability to teach me how to let go of things I no longer needed was both satisfying and therapeutic.

Annes story 03
Annes story 03

R: What was the hardest part of the process?

A: I was afraid! It felt like my closet was a DISASTER.

R: What has the process meant to you?

A: I was overwhelmed with a closet and dressers overflowing with things I didn’t realize were adding so much stress to my life. The piles were almost as tall as me! I now have an organized closet full of belongings I actually love. Thanks to Ren’s help, I wake up feeling lighter and more focused as I take on the day.

Annes story hero
Annes story hero

R: How did you find REVEAL?

A: Ren and I went to college together!

R: How likely would you be to recommend REVEAL?

A: Ren is a GODSEND. I never thought I would say this, but she made organizing FUN! I’m forever grateful and highly recommend!

Annes story 04
Annes story 04
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